How To Join

Find a squadron

There are 3 types of squadrons in Civil Air Patrol:

  • Cadet Squadrons
    Comprised primarily of cadets with a minimum of three senior members to meet supervisory, administrative, and training requirements in the conduct of cadet programs.
  • Senior Squadrons
    Comprised entirely of senior members (over age 18).
  • Composite Squadrons
    Comprised of both senior and cadet members, conducting both senior and cadet programs.

Find a local squadron near you and contact the squadron commander.

Attend 3 Meetings

After you have located a squadron near you, attend 3 meetings to get a feel for what CAP does and to decide if it is the right fit for you. Once you decide that squadron is right for you, decide on the membership type you want.

Decide on a Membership Type and Submit Your Application

Become a friend of CAP

This type of membership requires no volunteer obligation and costs $35/year as a tax-deductible gift to the organization. In return you get the CAP magazine twice per year and can advantage of the benefits and discounts.

Click here to apply.

Join as an Educator Member

When you join as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM) you enjoy many free aerospace education opportunities ranging from receiving lesson plants to participating in a teacher orientation flight aboard one of our Cessna aircraft. This membership category is designed for educators or others involved in promoting aerospace education in classrooms, museums, or other youth organizations. Find out more.

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Join as a Cadet

Cadet memberships are open to anybody ages 12-18 wishing to join a cadet or composite squadron. Find out more.

Join as a Senior Member

Senior memberships are open to anybody over the age of 18 and require a background check and fingerprint submission. Find out more.

Still want more information?

The official Civil Air Patrol website has plenty of membership FAQs and answers here.

You can request further about Civil Air Patrol by filling out the CAP prospective member information request form. Upon completion, a packet will be mailed to the address provided which includes relevant brochures and a list of squadrons in your area.