Joint Squadron Cadet Great Start Field Day a Success

On December 7, Squadrons 86 and 192 held a joint Cadet Great Start Field Day for seven new cadets from squadrons 86, 192 and 10. This was a pilot project that is hoped can be expanded to a quarterly event open to all of Group 2. A joint field day allows us to share expertise, offer a field day more frequently than an individual squadron’s numbers might allow, as well as reduce event fatigue for individual squadrons. The students and staff enjoyed working with people from different squadrons, as well as the chance to take refuge from the rain in Squadron 86’s large indoor facility to drill and do a compass course. Thank you to the cadet staff and senior members from Squadron 86 and Squadron 192 who made it all happen. Special thanks to the new cadets who came from all around the Bay Area to work on their first stripe…we appreciated your drive and enthusiasm!