Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to members and friends of Squadron 192! We will have a break from meetings due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Our first meeting of 2019 will be on January 8. Uniform of the day will be ABU/BDU.

Sept 25 meeting: Change of command ceremony

Reminder: For the September 25 meeting, please wear dress blues (cadets) / blues/whites (seniors) or appropriate civilian attire if you don’t yet have the uniform. The meeting will not include PT, but rather the change of command ceremony, several awards, and a character development lesson.

Orientation Flights

Orientation Flights, or O-Rides, are one of the many opportunities CAP cadets have for hands-on aviation experiences. This past weekend, several cadets from Squadron 192 flew with a CAP pilot, learning how our planes operate and even taking the controls! In these photos, cadets receive a pre-flight briefing.

O-Ride Briefing
Orientation Flight Briefing 2