Volunteering Can Improve Your Health

Research shows that volunteering at least two hours a week over an extended period of time can be good for your health. Studies indicate that regular volunteering slows the cognitive decline of aging, as well as improving physical and mental health. The Wall Street Journal surveyed the research and appears to have identified a magic recipe for gaining the maximum health benefits of volunteering. The recipe has four key items:
• Physical activity (can be moderate as long as it’s regular)
• Cognitive activity (learning new skills or doing something outside your comfort zone)
• Socializing (opportunities to build connections and friendships)
• Persistence (more than an occasional activity; being a mentor, for example).

This is great news for organizations that welcome volunteers, such as the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), as CAP’s civilian volunteer opportunities can hit all four of these elements. You can train for and carry out search & rescue (air and ground) and disaster relief missions. You can help shape future leaders through CAP’s youth development (cadet) program, while also promoting aviation, STEM and related fields.

When joining CAP, many members say they wish they knew about the organization sooner—perhaps because the activities are so rewarding. Often people think that they must be a pilot or former military to be a part of CAP. Not so on either point. Though our members often share an interest in aviation, most are not pilots. Whatever your talent or area of interest, there is a need for you. Some members are current or former military, while others never served in uniform. CAP has certain minimum eligibility requirements, but also has an equal opportunity policy and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, national origin or disability.

Check out what Civil Air Patrol is about and how you can help! Go to the national website to learn more and find a squadron near you or, if near the Peninsula of the Bay Area, visit our squadron in San Carlos, CA.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to members and friends of Squadron 192! We will have a break from meetings due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Our first meeting of 2019 will be on January 8. Uniform of the day will be ABU/BDU.

Sept 25 meeting: Change of command ceremony

Reminder: For the September 25 meeting, please wear dress blues (cadets) / blues/whites (seniors) or appropriate civilian attire if you don’t yet have the uniform. The meeting will not include PT, but rather the change of command ceremony, several awards, and a character development lesson.

Orientation Flights

Orientation Flights, or O-Rides, are one of the many opportunities CAP cadets have for hands-on aviation experiences. This past weekend, several cadets from Squadron 192 flew with a CAP pilot, learning how our planes operate and even taking the controls! In these photos, cadets receive a pre-flight briefing.

O-Ride Briefing
Orientation Flight Briefing 2